Could Candy be Used to Fight Cavities?

According to an article publish by NPR, microbiologists in Berlin are trying create sugarless mint that would get rid of the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth.  The study is still in the early development stages but scientists are trying to accomplish the unthinkable, creating a sweet treat that is actually good for your teeth.

How does it work?

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Our mouth has more than 600 species of bacteria living inside it.  Although most of them are harmless, the strand called Streptococcus Mutans is responsible for taking sugars in our food and turning them into acids that dissolve tooth enamel. The study is hoping to find a way to add probiotics to sugarless mints that would kill the bad bacteria and help protect your teeth.

Keep In Mind….

With Halloween fast approaching and the candy that always accompanies it keep in mind that we aren’t there yet. Brush and floss after indulging in the sweet treats.

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